Third Shift Caregiver

Normalizing the conversation about elder care: a place to connect, commiserate, learn, and prepare

What's the third shift?
  • First Shift: a regular "day job"
  • Second Shift: taking care of kids and family
  • Third Shift: taking care of elderly parents

This website, in which I hope to offer resources and tools for those of us who are working the "third shift", is the culmination of three things. One is my current role as "care provider" for my parents, with whom I have an evolving relationship as they age. Another is the increased frequency with which I discuss roles and dynamics with friends who are in a similar position with their parents (though in very different capacities). And lastly, this site felt wholly inevitable after listening to the podcast by Vox Conversations, called The overwhelming, invisible work of elder care. In the podcast, Anne Helen Petersen talks with Liz O'Donnell, an advocate for working caregivers.

That podcast really elucidated what I had been experiencing, but hadn't thought to formalize. I need to be in the conversation. I need you to be in the conversation. We can help each other, and our aging loved ones. Stay tuned.